1. Gramercy

From the recording Come a Reckoning

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We pulled out of Baton Rouge
With silver dollars in our shoes
And a truckload of shine

Couldn’t find a way to go
Got Jesus on the radio
Can you show us a sign

Remember all is vanity
And love is just insanity
I’m wondering how can it be
We thought it was real

‘Cause we were burned out and busted
And we were flat-out disgusted
And we drank all our wine
And we smoked our last dime
But we were free
In Gramercy

The world is going down in flames
I stand here calling out your name
Releasing all the doubt and shame
That I’ve held inside

So if you’re burned out and busted
And you’re flat-out disgusted
And you drank all your wine
And you smoked your last dime
Come back to me
In Gramercy

Oh just come back to me