Music is about relationships. At its most basic level, a piece of music is a relationship between the artist and the listener—artists put their thoughts and feelings into their work, and the work evokes a response in the listener. (Assuming the artist does their job right!) Popular music in particular has always been preoccupied with romantic relationships. Songs about love, whether good, bad, or both, probably outnumber the stars in the sky, but we never get tired of hearing them. 

When we started thinking about recording our first full-length album, and deciding which songs would be on it, we noticed a theme running through many of the lyrics. Of course we have songs about romantic love—we’re only human—but more often we’ve written about family, and especially family relationships among women. Songs about mothers, daughters, and sisters abound, and that seemed like a good concept around which to organize the album. After all, if you’re looking to create a relationship with your listeners, you want to touch on emotions everyone feels—and family is pretty much a universal human experience. 

Our singer, Mandy, has a tattoo on her back that includes the favorite flowers of the most important women in her life. Inspired by that, we imagined family as an ever-growing vine on which each member is a flower. Time passes, the flowers live their lives in the sun, then eventually wither away, but the vine is eternal and always blooms anew. We decided to call the album Flowers of the Vine. On it you will find songs from daughters to mothers and mothers to daughters. You’ll hear odes to grandmothers long gone and children newly born. You’ll meet sisters connected by blood and by whiskey. And of course there are some fathers and brothers along the way, too. 

In May of 2017, with producer Patrick Tetrault at the helm, we took to a studio in Vancouver, Washington where none other than Willie Nelson once recorded. Like a hand-picked bouquet of wildflowers, the music we made there incorporates a medley of styles—Southern rock and outlaw country, heartland rock and cosmic Americana, ‘70s AM gold and bits of bluegrass, blues, and soul. We’re proud of what we’ve done and we want you to hear it and, hopefully, be moved and inspired by it. 

But we need your help to make that happen! Recording is complete, but we still have the expense of mixing, mastering, and manufacturing to deal with. Pre-order Flowers of the Vine on LP or CD now, and in a few months you’ll be able to hear the results of our hard work. We make music because we love doing it, and we appreciate your support. 


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