From the recording Come a Reckoning

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There will come a reckoning they say
And all this turned to dust
And every soul will answer on that day
The wicked and the just

For now our natures rude and base prevail
And every hope we've sown
Has gone to seed or scattered to the gale
As we our faith disown

While we contemplate the fate of kings
The sparrow spreads its wings

As prophets and philosophers pretend
To know which angry star
Will fall like the descent of their last end
It cares not who they are

While we curse the light and wonder why
The sparrow takes the sky

Each night in fevered dreams I pace the road
And cast my silhouette through every darkened pane
I waken in what seems a place unknown
To find my pillow wet with tears that leave no stain
I fear hard rain is coming soon

Yet I who have no voice but soul to sing
Find grace in that someone
Might count the feathers on this brittle wing
Before the day is done

While we store up treasures great and small
The sparrow will not fall