From the recording Mother Road

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I’ve seen a bit of bad times, honey
I wrote a lot of sad rhymes; funny I’ve come so far
To wish on the same old star
But wishing ain’t a wrong thing, and now and then
I wish you’d hear my song ringing out like an old church bell
And take it to heart; I’m telling you
That I’ve traveled down this road
Dragging a heavy load
And I swear to you that there were some nights I thought about cashing in
But I’m still painting lines

I’ve been around a few years longer
Been staring down the same fears, stronger at times than hope
And keeping me on the ropes
But when I’m down and can’t mend another hurt
I think about a good friend, a brother in soul and sound
And call on the strength he found in me
’Cause they told him to his face
That he was a waste of space
But he never gave it up or paid no mind, he just proved ’em wrong
And now he’s painting lines

Until you helped me find my voice, let me sing along
I was just marking time
I want to hear you make some noise, see you swing out strong
And leave nothing behind

The dawn is like a phoenix rising
A different light that keeps surprising me every day
And I know I’m gonna stay
You’re walking in your new shoes and humming tunes
But wondering if bad news is coming around the bend
Well honey, I’m still a friend to you
I know we left it rough
‘Cause you had to play it tough
But if I could only tell you one thing, it’s baby I’m proud of you
You’re out there painting lines